Island Jobs

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About ‘Island Jobs: From Classroom to Careers’

The Cayman Current’s Island Jobs mini-documentary series is our first in-depth multimedia enterprise journalism project.

Island Jobs is reported, written and directed by Kayla Young for the Current. The Current’s editor Patrick Brendel is the project’s producer.

The series is currently in the post-production process with Silver Palm Studios. When complete, Island Jobs will comprise five 20-25 minute episodes, as well as a feature-length 90-minute documentary presentation.

The first episode of Island Jobs debuted at the Cayman Documentary Festival on Friday, 18 March.

“This series is the result of months of interviews with young people, educators and employers about the state of the job market and professional training in Cayman. We sought to centre this series around young Caymanians, who face the islands’ highest levels of unemployment,” Young said.

Our Project Sponsors include Health City Cayman Islands, Enterprise Cayman and Silver Palm Studios. Our Media Partner is Cayman Life TV. Thank you for your support!


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