Test provider: England’s GCSE cancellations don’t affect Cayman’s 2021 exams

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Although GCSEs have been cancelled in England for June 2021, the equivalent exams used by several schools in the Cayman Islands are set to go forward as planned in March and June.

Throughout the UK, summer exams have been cancelled due to rising COVID cases that also forced school closures until at least February.

In response, UK-based Cambridge International announced that, for now, it is proceeding with plans to hold its international exams on the usual schedule. The organisation provides the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and A-Level exams that are used in Cayman’s schools. (Cayman’s schools also use tests from the regional Caribbean Examination Council.)

According to a statement from Cambridge International, “We work with schools in 160 countries and most of our schools are telling us they want to run exams in June 2021 and expect to be able to do so, in line with guidance from their national and regional authorities.”

“We continue to prepare for the March and June series to go ahead. We believe that schools in most countries outside the UK, will want to proceed with exams as planned.”

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