UCCI sets spring commencement date

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UCCI has set a commencement date of 24 April 2021.

The following is a press release from University College of the Cayman Islands:

Commencement at the University College of the Cayman Islands is being moved to spring, in line with more traditional practices in other countries.

For years, UCCI has been honoring its graduates during the first week in November. The practice was designed to accommodate those graduating after the school’s summer semester and avoiding conflicts with high school graduations in June. UCCI has set a commencement date of April 24.

“It’s a student-centred decision,” said UCCI President and CEO Stacy McAfee. The date follows the spring semester, which “provides the greatest opportunity for students who are graduating to participate.”

The new date, “is in response to feedback received from students,” McAfee added.

Because many UCCI graduates transfer to colleges overseas after graduation, the early November date makes it impractical, and sometimes impossible, for those students to walk across the stage and receive their diplomas. The spring date will allow those students to be part of the university’s celebration of their accomplishments.

“We hope in 2021 to invite all students and their families to join us,” McAfee said.

Deadline to apply for graduation is March 12, students can submit their application to the Registrar’s Office, in-person or by email to registrar@ucci.edu.ky. If the graduand is participating in the ceremony the fee is CI$135; if not participating in the ceremony the fee is CI$100.00. Payment can be done in-person, over the phone or via the payment portal https://ucci.caymangateway.com/.

More details on the commencement ceremony will be released in the coming months.
For more information on UCCI and its programmes, visit ucci.edu.ky or call 345-623-8224.

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