Wesleyan Christian makes ‘Weak’ progress on inspectors’ recommendations

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Wesleyan Christian Academy continued to make overall ‘Weak’ progress on addressing recommendations from the Office of Education Standards.

In May 2019, the private school in West Bay had been rated ‘Weak’ by inspectors, who made 5 key recommendations.

During a March 2020 Follow-Through Inspection, the OES found the school had made ‘Satisfactory’ progress on 1 of the 5 recommendations (raising attainment and progress in Science). During the 2nd Follow-Through Inspection, conducted 26-28 Jan., inspectors found that Wesleyan had made ‘Satisfactory’ progress on an additional recommendation (improve learning).

Here are the results of the 2nd Follow-Through Inspection:

  1. Raise standards in high school: WEAK
  2. Raise attainment and progress in Science: SATISFACTORY
  3. Improve teaching: WEAK
  4. Improve learning: SATISFACTORY
  5. Improve curriculum: WEAK

According to the OES report: “Since the first Follow-Through Inspection, the school leaders had made changes to staff deployment. Consequently a Head of science and Head of Elementary had been appointed. Furthermore, the Principal had indicated that positions for a deputy principal and an English teacher were advertised last school year and subsequently filled.”

“However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent closure of the borders had impacted their arrival. School leaders advised that active recruitment was ongoing. The recently appointed School Advisory Council provided support relating to administrative tasks and the church pastor now served as the School Administrator. Notwithstanding, the Principal still performed several substantive responsibilities including Head of School, and Head of mathematics and English departments.”

Wesleyan Christian has 94 students on roll (82% Caymanian), ranging in age from 3 years 9 months to 18 years.

According to the report, “As the Inspectors judged the school to be making weak progress in addressing all the recommendations from the previous Full Inspection report, there will be a Follow-Through Inspection of Wesleyan Christian Academy within six months of the publication of this report. The school will continue to be inspected on a regular basis until all aspects of performance are judged to be at least satisfactory.”

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