On Education: Wayne Panton, Newlands

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The following is the education platform submitted by Newlands candidate Wayne Panton (and a Current transcript of the video):

Government has put so much money into education, yet we are still failing to achieve satisfactory student attainment levels, which is really frustrating.

We all know that education is the key to greater opportunity and success for Caymanians in the workforce and life in general. Therefore we need to view education as a priority for ourselves, our children and for the future generation, and work together to increase the quality of learning that our public schools are providing.

Wayne Panton

I also think teachers need more support overall and should be performance-managed, meaning that those who are achieving good results should be appropriately rewarded, and this will hopefully motivate other educators to up their game, which will in turn improve outcomes across the board.

Ensuring our education system is constantly improving is an obligation we all share, and we should all be involved as much as we can. For me, that means I’ll be taking the time to volunteer to read to classes and be available to discuss local and relevant issues with teachers, students and parents, and to continue my track record of being involved in projects and other initiatives to improve our local Savannah Primary School.

Click here to visit Panton’s campaign website (https://vote4community.ky/wayne-panton/).

***Editor’s Note: We are inviting all candidates to submit their education platforms for publication in the Cayman Current. Email pbrendel@caymancurrent.org.***

Calling all candidates: Share your education platform

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