Little Cayman school rated ‘Satisfactory’

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Little Cayman Education Services was rated ‘Satisfactory’ by the Office of Education Standards, maintaining its standard from the first cycle of inspections.

Serving just 3 students from ages 5-10, the Little Cayman facility is the smallest school in the Cayman Islands.

‘Satisfactory’ is the minimum level of quality required for Cayman Islands schools, and is the same rating that the school earned during its last inspection in January 2019.

“All students demonstrated positive behaviours for good learning. Interactions between students and teachers were respectful and affirming. All staff modelled and reinforced appropriate behaviours and this had resulted in the creation of an environment that was conducive to learning,” according to the inspection report.

Little Cayman earned ‘Satisfactory’ ratings in 15 of 19 indicators, with 3 ‘Good’ ratings and 1 ‘Weak’ rating.

The school maintained its ratings in 18 of 19 indicators, with its score on ‘self-evaluation and school improvement planning’ sliding to ‘Weak’.

Inspectors rate schools in individual categories, using a scale of Weak/Satisfactory/Good/Excellent. The overall grade is determined according to the individual scores.

Because the school was rated ‘Satisfactory’, it will not be subject to a Follow-Through inspection, and will be inspected during the next cycle of inspections beginning in 2023.

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