LIFE partners with Early Childhood Association on Thrive By Five literacy programme

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Deloitte representatives Yvonne Plamondon (L) and Clarisa Pelozzi (R) present a cheque to Literacy Is For Everyone (LIFE) for the launch of Thrive By Five.

The following is a press release from Literacy is For Everyone (LIFE):

With its programme sponsored by Deloitte Cayman Islands, local non-profit, Literacy is For Everyone (LIFE) has partnered with the Cayman Islands Early Childhood Association (CIECA) to bring Thrive By Five, a groundbreaking new Early Years literacy programme, to select preschools in Cayman.

Designed to foster a love of language, the programme extends the scope of LIFE programmes to target children in the birth to age 5 age-range. Due to launch at Precious Gems Preschool on Walkers Road in September 2021, a full four-phased roll out covers a total of eight preschools over an estimated two-year period.

“As a signature Deloitte WorldClass programme, which aims to empower individuals in our community through education and skills development, Thrive By Five will provide a unique platform for children to develop a vital skillset, to succeed in both their learning and throughout all stages of their lives,” said Clarisa Pelozzi, Head of the firm’s Corporate Responsibility and WorldClass programmes. Commenting on the continued partnership with LIFE, Audit & Assurance Partner and Corporate Responsibility Leader, Odette Samson, added, “We are grateful for this opportunity to continue to champion the education, inclusion and healthy development of children in Cayman, starting with the key foundational stages of their cognitive and social development.”

Decades of research show that early investment in literacy can have a profound impact on brain development and learning, with its benefits far exceeding academics. “As well as raising educational achievement and future job prospects, high literacy levels improve health and wellness, eliminate poverty, impact crime and incarcerations rates, and ensure long-term socio-economic stability for all,” said Juliet Austin, LIFE’s Executive Director.

Thrive By Five comprises several elements including LIFE’s signature curated classroom libraries. Participating preschools receive high-interest classroom libraries to support the Early Years Curriculum, with culturally appropriate titles selected by dedicated LIFE volunteer, Kirsten Penner, to promote diversity and inclusion, while cultivating a lifelong love of language and books.

Currently, government regulations mandate preschools to have one licensed teacher per ten untrained staff. To address this, each member of staff engaged in the Thrive By Five programme receives professional learning opportunities courtesy of LIFE’s new 10- point Teacher Education Video series. Expertly written and devised by CIECA President, Nicola Williams, and delivered by a host of local educational specialists including government Literacy Specialist – Yosha Alphonse, Acting Director of the Early Childhood Care and Education Unit – Dr. Pearlyn Burrell, LIFE Board Member and Early Childhood advocate – Reina Jefferson, and Village Montessori owner, Jeifrene Small, the series offers developmentally appropriate literacy strategies to foster a rich culture of language and print in preschool environments.

To support parents and caregivers, three family engagement workshops aim to bridge the gap between home and school, empowering parents and families to provide stimulating opportunities for rich social interactions and authentic, meaningful and fun experiences in print. “Early Childhood Education is a highly specialised field and Thrive By Five focuses on engaging with the most up-to-date research,” said Williams. “Many people think that literacy begins when children learn how to read and write words, but the building blocks for literacy are formed much earlier. When literacy experiences are personal, purposeful, and embedded in context, young children gain a deeper understanding of how print helps people to organise and express themselves and get along with others.”

Precious Gems’ Headteacher, Mrs. Victoria Nelson, said, “We are truly honoured to have been chosen by LIFE as the pilot school for the Thrive By Five programme. LIFE has summoned extra life into our literacy program. This initiative will enhance our teaching and learning experience with special emphasis on developing literacy skills, as we collaborate with parents and other stakeholders. We salute the Directors and organizers of this great organization and encourage members of our community to partner with them, to enrich the lives of all children in these Cayman Islands. I would like to express sincere thanks to our sponsors, Deloitte, who have funded this project, demonstrating their interest to assist in the efforts of increasing literacy levels across the Cayman Islands.”

While recent Inspection Reports show strengths and progress at some of Cayman’s preschools, many continue to receive weak-satisfactory ratings, particularly related to Literacy and Communication. “The importance of investing now in Cayman’s youngest population cannot be overstated,“ notes Austin. “We firmly believe that ‘It is easier to build strong children, than to repair broken adults.’ LIFE is excited to be pioneering this groundbreaking, evidence-based programme to empower children – during the single most important period of development the brain ever undergoes – to explore sounds, letters, and print in inventive, developmentally-appropriate ways.”

For more information about Thrive By Five or any other LIFE programmes, visit the LIFE website at or contact Juliet Austin at

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