Tradeview Markets makes major commitment as the title sponsor of Women’s Rugby in the Cayman Islands  

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The following is a press release from Tradeview Markets:

Women’s rugby has been soaring in popularity, growing in leaps and bounds in recent years.  We should note, however, that the game has a long history with female players first taking up the sport over 130 years ago.

Like many clubs and leagues around the world, Cayman’s Women’s Rugby has created a welcoming culture where everyone is appreciated and celebrated.  A wonderful aspect of rugby is that there really is a position for everyone.  Smaller agile players make the perfect wingers, stronger and more powerful players have lots of fun at the forward positions, and a range of athletes find a fit and success playing as backs.

World Rugby estimates that there are well over 2 million women currently playing the sport.  Rugby is more than a game or sport.  Club and team structures make for a strong sense of family and community among players and the social bonds formed often last a lifetime.

Tradeview Markets strongly believes that rugby is empowers women and girls and we want to not only support the game on the pitch, but to help women in the sport grow on and off the pitch in Cayman.

The rugby culture in the Cayman Islands emphasizes sportsmanship, safety, leadership and camaraderie.  Women who play the game realize that any player who is dedicated and diligent can succeed.  The confidence, power and leadership developed through the sport help women to become unstoppable.  We witness their experience and their incredible feeling of being part of a team. This collective spirit builds up players every day. The way women develop through rugby transcends the pitch and spills over into their social, family and working lives.

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