Red Bay Primary Update: Three months on, investigation continues

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It’s been nearly 3 months since law enforcement began looking into reports of alleged misconduct toward students at Red Bay Primary School, and the investigation “is still ongoing”.

A Ministry of Education spokesperson said Tuesday that the joint Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) — comprising the police and Department of Children and Family Services — remains on the case.

“MASH’s investigation into the matter is still ongoing,” the official said via email, in response to an inquiry from the Cayman Current.

As we did in June, we asked police and education officials 3 questions:

  • Is the investigation still ongoing?
  • If the investigation has concluded, what are the findings and what actions were taken?
  • Has the file been submitted to prosecutors, or will it?

And, as they did in June, education officials confirmed the investigation continues.

On 7 May, the Ministry and Department of Education Services issued a press release stating that MASH had been contacted and that staff reported to be involved were being “relocated from schools until the investigation is completed“.

The 2020/2021 public school year ended 9 July, more than 2 weeks ago.

The cachment area for Red Bay Primary coincides with the electoral districts for 4 members of the Progressives’ Opposition.

In response for a request for comment in early May, Red Bay MP Alden McLaughlin and George Town East MP Roy McTaggart both said that it would be inappropriate to comment before the investigation concludes.

For legal and ethical reasons, the Current has not published the details of the alleged misconduct at Red Bay Primary. However, the situation has sparked questions about the role (and regulation) of religion in local public schools.

In late June, the Current published an analysis of written guidelines and rules (or lack thereof), finding that, “it appears that school leaders have broad discretion in terms of the promotion or display of religion within Cayman Islands government schools”.

Analysis: The dos and don’ts of religion in public schools

Red Bay Primary Update: Investigation ‘still ongoing’

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