ICCI Students Inducted into International Honor Society 

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The following is a press release from International College of the Cayman Islands:

Hard work pays off as 17 stellar students join the prestigious Sigma  Beta Delta Honor Society

Grand Cayman, October 17, 2021 — Earning a degree is challenging,  period. Earning a degree while earning the grades that qualify a  student to be inducted into an honor society is more than  challenging. It is a feat that is not achieved by most. The  International College of the Cayman Islands is proud to announce  that seven graduate students and ten undergraduate students were  inducted into Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society on Sunday, October  17, at the George Town Yacht Club.

Sigma Beta Delta was created in 1994 to honor high achieving  baccalaureate and graduate degree students in business,  management, and administration. It has established 425 chapters in  45 states in the U.S. and internationally while inducting over 85,000  members. In June 2016, the International College of the Cayman  Islands was selected to be a chapter of the Sigma Beta Delta Honor  Society, the first university-level international honor society to be  established at ICCI and believed to be the first in the Cayman  Islands.

To qualify, undergraduate students must have at least a 3.0 gpa and  be at the top 20% of the class. Graduate students must have at least  a 3.5 gpa and be at the top 20% of the class. No one in this group of  inductees had below 3.18 gpa.

Since 2016, 43 students in total have been inducted giving them a lifetime membership to include on their resumes, networking and internship opportunities, possible scholarships, and a lapel pin,  medal, and honor cord to wear at graduation.

The inductees were inspired by keynote speaker, Julio Ramos, ICCI  alum, Sigma Beta Delta member, adjunct lecturer, and General  Manager for the National Housing Development Trust, a not-for profit entity of the Cayman Islands Government that provides  affordable housing programs for Caymanians. He encouraged  students to “see problems as opportunities, and in so doing, turn  them into success stories”.

Dr. Aleza Beverly, Dean and Chief Academic Officer, stated, “Next to  graduation, this is the most exciting event at ICCI where we get to  celebrate the best and the brightest for their academic achievement.”

The International College of the Cayman Islands proudly presents  the 2021 Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society Members:

Graduate Students

  • Kristie Archer
  • Donique Brooks
  • Sabena Dalmage-Plummer
  • Nacelia Hull
  • Steve Miller
  • Misha Powell
  • Rochiene Sonlin


  • Erica Bosch-Bone
  • Kiarrah Hayden
  • Mekeda Haynes
  • Doran Kelly
  • Vanessa Scott-Banks
  • Marteca Soler-Bodden
  • Nickisha Stephenson
  • Tyra Walton
  • Theodecia Watler
  • Jacob Wood

Watch the ceremony on ICCI’s Facebook page.

The International College of the Cayman Islands is recognized as a  degree-granting institution by the Cayman Islands Government  Education Council. It is accredited as a Premier College by the  Accreditation Service for International Schools (ASIC) (UK) and has  specialized accreditation for its business programs through the  International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)  located in Lenexa, KS, USA.

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