UCCI Expands Science Offerings

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The following is a press release from the University College of the Cayman Islands:

Students who are already in the science program at the University College of the Cayman Islands will now have the choice of specializing in one of two tracks. One new track will emphasize biology and chemistry – much as the programme has done in the past – while the other will focus on environmental and marine science.

New courses are also being offered in the redesigned engineering trachnology programme, starting this semester with Introduction to Engineering Technology.

The announcement coincides with enrolment for spring classes, which begin Jan. 10. Those enroling early have the chance to win an iPad or a laptop computer, but they must be registered by Dec. 1 to qualify for the giveaway. Details can be found at https://www.ucci.edu.ky/spring-giveaway

Tracey Hargrave, interim dean of science, technology, engineering, maths and health, said that although environment and marine sciences have been offered in the past, they had been overshadowed by the more popular biology/chemistry concentration.

“This programme has been part of our course offerings for years,” Hargrave said. “But a lot of students weren’t aware it existed. The popular one was always biology/chemistry because a lot of people want to go into the health field.”

She is hoping that by splitting the associate science degree programme into the two tracks more students will be made aware of the environmental/marine science option and take advantage of it. Students who are already engaged in the associate of science programme can switch to either track or, if they choose, they can stay in the programme they are in.

Environmental and marine science, Hargrave said, is a natural fit for the Cayman Islands and UCCI has cooperative relationships with the Department of the Environment and the National Trust that have allowed students to get some hands-on experience in the past.

“We’re also hoping to collaborate with CCMI in relation to the marine science portion of the program,” she said, referring to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute.

The track may also be appealing to some students in terms of the required courses.

“There’s a little less math,” Hargrave said, “no calculus.”

The new engineering course is one of several that have been added to that degree programme in order to give students a better foundation in the subject field. The programme is designed to provide students with a practical knowledge of science and engineering, allowing them to solve a wide range of existing technical problems.

Registration for these courses, along with the entire slate of programmes offered at UCCI – from technical and vocational courses to graduate degrees – is now open. Early registration provides a better opportunity to secure a spot on the roster before courses fill up.

To register now, book your appointment now on our website: https://www.ucci.edu.ky/book-an-appointment

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