Caymanian History, Politics, and Society Book Launch

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The following is a press release from the Committee for the Promotion of Research and Cayman Scholarship:

The Committee for the Promotion of Research and Cayman Scholarship announces the  Book Launch of the brand-new publication, The Cayman Islands History, Politics, and Society – Essays in Honour of J.A. Roy Bodden. The event will be held on Tuesday 14th June 2022 at  6:00 p.m. in the Sir Vassel Johnson Hall at the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI)  in George Town. Admission is free, and there will be a reception at 5:30 p.m. prior to the  commencement of the Book Launch ceremony.

The approximately 500-page publication comprises a collection of papers that were presented at  the JA Roy Bodden: Public Intellectual Interrogating the Caymanian Society Symposium, which was held on June 24 and 25, 2021. These papers were presented by an impressive group of  Cayman-based and international intellectuals, scholars, and thought leaders who wrote critically  about issues which are the subject of Bodden’s texts. This academic interrogation centred on the  Cayman Islands and was deemed a fitting tribute to Bodden.

In addition to the very many hours of work by the authors, the publication is made possible  through the sponsorship of various organisations including, but not limited to, the Cayman  National Cultural Foundation, the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture & Heritage, and the  Ministry of Education.

The guest speaker for the Book Launch is Dr. Cynthia Barrow-Giles, Professor of  Constitutional Governance and Politics at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill,  Barbados.

A graduate of the Consortium Graduate School, Mona, Jamaica. Professor Barrow-Giles served  as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences from 1994-1996, UWI, Cave Hill campus, and  is a former Head of Department of Government, Sociology and Social Work at the Cave Hill  campus, 2004-2006. She has authored, co-authored, edited and co-edited four books and a  number of journal articles. Among her publications are Introduction to Caribbean Politics:  Texts and Readings, Kingston: Ian Randle Publishers (2002); Living at the Borderlines: Issues in  Caribbean Sovereignty and Development (Edited with Don. D. Marshall) Kingston, Ian Randle  Publishers (2003); General Elections and Voting in the English-Speaking Caribbean: 1992- 2005, Kingston: Ian Randle Publishers (2006), which she co-authored with Tennyson D. Joseph.  She is also the editor of Women in Caribbean Politics, also by Ian Randle Publishers (2011).

In addition to her scholarly work, Barrow-Giles has participated in a number of election  monitoring and expert groups in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. She served as a member of the  St. Lucia Constitution Reform Commission from 2005-2011. She is a member of the  International Advisory Board for the (Journal) Round Table (Commonwealth), and the Editorial  Board of the Journal of Eastern Caribbean Affairs.

The Committee for the Promotion of Research and Cayman Scholarship comprises a group  of persons who are committed to promoting and fostering research, intellectual discourse, and  the elevation of debate on current and emerging issues in the Cayman Islands to a solution and  facts-based level.

The launch of this new publication, which is a significant resource for researchers, students,  political leaders, and decision-makers, will see a wide cross-section of the resident and non resident contributors in attendance to autograph the book; in addition to Mr. J.A. Roy Bodden  himself, will be the Editors, Dr Livingston Smith and Dr Stephanie Fullerton-Cooper, the  publisher, Ian Randle, and contributors like Mary J. Lawrence, Theresa Pitcairn, and Dr Christopher Williams. The book will be available for sale for a special price (while supplies last) of only CI$25.00 per copy.

Attendees are encouraged to Save the Date of 14th June at 6:00 p.m., and to call 345-916-6462 if  they wish to RSVP or to assist in any way with the event.

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