Ministry of Education Hosts Reception for Scholarship Recipients

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The following is a press release from the Ministry of Education:

On Monday, 15 August, the Ministry of Education hosted a reception at the Cayman Marriott Beach Resort for the 133 scholars who have been granted an Education Council Overseas Scholarship for Fall 2022.

The reception aimed to celebrate the new scholars as they embarked on their higher education journeys. It also allowed the students to meet with other scholars and network with interview panellists, MOE staff and members of the Education Council who were in attendance.

Throughout the evening, the scholars and their guests received words of encouragement and valuable advice from some key scholarship stakeholders.

MoE Deputy Chief Officer Joel Francis was among those who addressed the scholars during the evening’s festivities. He congratulated the students on their accomplishments. Also commenting, “The amount of scholarship funding allocated to students has increased over the years, with students pursuing undergraduate and post-graduate studies now accessing up to $30,000.00 and $35,000.00 per annum, respectively. These changes demonstrate the Cayman Islands Government’s support for your [scholars’] continued development.”

The audience also heard from Education Council Chairman, Mr. Shomari Scott. He thanked the various stakeholders for their commitment and hard work and shared valuable advice with the scholars.

Past Scholarship recipient Dwight Douglas and his mother, Ms. Tiffany Chisholm, were also on hand to share their experience with the new scholars and their guests.

Both encouraged students to push themselves to explore new opportunities and relationships. They further urged students to remain connected to those who have supported them thus far: teachers, coaches, mentors, parents and friends, as they will continue to be significant sources of advice and encouragement.

Members of the Scholarship Secretariat Unit rounded out the formal section of the evening’s activities. Manager Dr. Shari Smith outlined essential strategies for coping with a new environment. She also urged scholars to maintain close contact with the Scholarship Unit while Dr. Nicole Thompson, the Senior Scholarship Administrator, voiced closing remarks.

The Education Council Scholarship is available to all Caymanian students interested in pursuing higher education.

For more information about various grants and scholarship offerings or to apply for an Education Council Scholarship, please visit the Scholarship Secretariat Unit website at

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