About The Current

The Cayman Current is a digital-first, nonprofit, nonpartisan media organisation that informs, promotes civic engagement and facilitates discourse on education in the Cayman Islands.

The Current was founded in 2020 by Patrick Brendel, a Caymanian journalist and former executive editor of the Cayman Compass newspaper.


  • The Current is incorporated as a Cayman Islands charitable company, and is registered as a Cayman Islands Non-Profit Organisation.
  • As a nonprofit, the Current is supported by individual contributions, corporate sponsorships and grants. Click here to see an up-to-date list of the Current’s sponsors and supporters.
  • As a nonprofit, the Current does not rely on the same revenue streams as existing for-profit media — i.e. subscriptions or display advertising. The Current is not a competitor to existing media; we are a resource for the entire community, including those news outlets.
  • Our mission is to improve education in Cayman by informing the community, increasing public engagement and providing greater accountability for decision-makers and the system itself.


  •  The Current’s content appears on our website, www.CaymanCurrent.org. Our content is free to the public. The Current does not have its own print publication, radio station, TV broadcast, etc.
  • In furtherance of our mission, all of the Current’s content is available for republication by other news outlets, in any medium, free of charge.
  • Additionally, the Current is actively seeking out partnerships with other media to pursue journalism projects on the issue of education.

Public Service Journalism

  • Public service journalism is generally defined as reporting on issues that are of common concern to society.
  • For the Current, this means our focus will be entirely on education — which we believe to be the most important issue facing Cayman.
  • The nonprofit model frees us from undue concerns over metrics such as pageviews, ‘clicks’, ‘reach’, etc. The Current is a mission-focussed organisation. Our mission is to improve education through our journalism.
  • While we will actively seek out and encourage people to submit their viewpoints on education, the Current will not feature its own opinions, nor will we have newspaper-style, anonymous institutional editorials.

About me

My name is Patrick Brendel. I am the founder and editor of the Cayman Current.

I have Caymanian status through marriage, and have been a journalist in Cayman since 2011, including several years as the executive editor in charge of the newsroom at the Cayman Compass.

I have 15 years of experience as a journalist, including in Texas and Washington, DC, where my focus was on government, politics and public policy. I have worked for a variety of publications, including startups, digital outlets and nonprofit media.


You can reach me at 1 (345) 326-5064 or pbrendel@caymancurrent.org.

We are seeking donations from individuals, groups and companies. We are also looking for people who would like to get involved by providing professional services, volunteering or spreading the word. We need all the help we can get!

We are incredibly grateful to our initial supporters, and most importantly to our first Founding Sponsor: Broadhurst LLC. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

See a list of our sponsors and supporters here.

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