Miss Nadine’s Preschool and Jack & Jill Nursery

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Address: 90A Anthony Drive, George Town, Grand Cayman
Phone: 345-949-2124, 345-945-1078
Email: ncvopreschool@ncvo.org.ky
Website: http://www.ncvo.org.ky
Key Contact: Delores Thompson, Director
Established: 1992
Inspection Date: March 2020
Overall Rating: Satisfactory

Type of School: Non-Profit
Number of Students: 55
% Caymanian Students: 78%
% Special Education Needs: 15%
Number of Teachers: 13
Number of Support Staff: 3
Student-Teacher Ratio: 4 : 1
Student-Staff Ratio: 3.4 : 1

Annual Tuition:

  • 7.30am-4.30pm: $5,400
  • 7.30am-6pm: $6,600

Progress on OES Recommendations, March 2020: SATISFACTORY

  1. Improve standards of children’s achievement in upper years classes: SATISFACTORY
  2. Enhance quality of teaching: SATISFACTORY
  3. Improve transition and support for children with special education needs: SATISFACTORY
  4. Monitor quality of teaching and the curriculum: SATISFACTORY
  5. Adjust staffing levels: SATISFACTORY
  6. Improve leadership and self-evaluation process: SATISFACTORY

OES Inspection Reports:


*Editor’s Note: Information sources include Office of Education Standards, Office of Auditor General, school website, communication with school, and/or other sources such as Cayman Parent or Cayman Resident. We strive to keep information as current as possible (i.e. tuition, number of students, etc.) but this is subject to change. Please contact pbrendel@caymancurrent.org with comments, corrections or updates.*

Last Updated on 31 January 2022