Our Sponsors and Supporters

We are grateful to our sponsors and individual supporters for their support of the Cayman Current’s mission to improve education in the Cayman Islands by informing and engaging the community through our public service journalism.

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We are committed to transparency, although we respect the wishes of individuals and groups to remain anonymous. The totals below include donations received since the Current’s launch in 2020.

Through the end of 2021, Founding Sponsor status is given to companies that donate $5,000 or more, or to individuals who donate $1,000 or more.

LevelNameAmount (CI$)
Founding SponsorBroadhurst Law Firm$5,000
Founding SponsorHealth City Cayman Islands$5,000
Founding SponsorAnonymous Company A$5,000
Founding Sponsor (Individual)Bill Brendel$5,000
Founding Sponsor (Individual)Howard Gaddy Estate$5,000
Founding Sponsor (Individual)Thomas Simpson$1,200
Founding Sponsor (Individual)Woody Foster$1,000
Founding Sponsor (Individual)Anonymous Individual A$1,000
Founding Sponsor (Individual)John-Michael Kirkconnell$1,000
Individual SupporterJoshua and Justin Hernandez (Impossible Possibilities)$820
Individual SupporterAnonymous Individual B$500
Individual SupporterJoanna Boxall$200
Individual SupporterLerna Phillips$164
Individual SupporterAnonymous Indvidual C$150
Individual SupporterDierdre Billes$100
Individual SupporterStacy R. McAfee$100
Individual SupporterAnonymous Individual D$100
Individual SupporterMonette Windsor$84
Individual SupporterAnonymous Individual E$50
Individual SupporterKathy Brendel$41
Individual SupporterMichelle Bryan$41