On Education: Roy McTaggart, George Town East

Elaborating on education plans in the Progressives’ manifesto, McTaggart discusses a new governance model for education, a new high school curriculum, completing the new John Gray campus, reforming early years education, expanding TVET and more.

On Education: Johann Moxam, George Town North

Moxam proposes a set of policies to fix a “broken” public education system. This includes providing free education to all Caymanians from nursery to local university, reorganising the ministry structure, implementing a new model of school governance, and collecting and reporting data on educational outcomes.

On Education: Alric Lindsay, George Town South

Lindsay says leaders need to move away from ‘political distractions’ such as expensive capital projects, and focus on recruiting, rewarding and empowering educators. He says there should be a vocational track for high school students to pursue skilled trades, and more support for children’s mental health.

On Education: Michael Myles, Prospect

Myles says the government must improve the recruitment, retention and deployment of high-quality teachers; link education priorities to the demands of the economy; and implement a national strategy for technical and vocational education and training.

On Education: Wayne Panton, Newlands

Despite significant government spending on education, Panton says student attainment levels remain unsatisfactory. He says the quality of learning needs to be increased in public schools. He proposes giving more support to teachers, and rewarding better-performing educators.

On Education: Chris Saunders, Bodden Town West

Talking about ‘creating a pathway to lifelong learning’, Saunders says Cayman’s learning model is wrong, and the education system needs less involvement from government and businesses, and more from parents. He says UCCI should be free to all Caymanians, and there should be night classes for Caymanians to obtain high school diplomas.